Knox County District Attorney General - Charme P. Allen

2nd Annual DA’s Office Citizens Academy Begins Classes!

Posted: 09/07/2017Feature Photo

32 Knox County Citizens have begun their exclusive look behind the scenes of the District Attorney’s Office.  On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, General Charme Allen welcomed the Academy Class Members and gave an interactive presentation on the topic of “Fact vs. Fiction.”  We are so excited to have these citizens join us in this 2nd Annual Academy Class and our hope is that they will take their newfound knowledge of the DA’s Office into our community to share with their fellow citizens.  Citizens Academy Fall 2017 Class Members include:

  • Fonda Allen
  • Rachiel Ballinger
  • Peggy Blevins
  • Emily Campen
  • Michele Carringer
  • Michael Carringer
  • Bob Crye
  • Shelby Davis
  • Diane Scarbrough
  • Laurence Sill
  • Trevis Gardner
  • Coral Getino
  • David Giles
  • Betty Harrington
  • Bruce Harrington
  • Gail Holt
  • Kenneth Holt
  • Molly Hyatt
  • Larsen Jay
  • Mary Touchton
  • Geraldine Troy
  • Melinda Kerr
  • Viren Lalka
  • Don Lindsey
  • Kathleen Logan
  • Janet Maskarinec
  • Daniel Mitchell
  • Floyd Ostrowski
  • Susan Pence
  • Larry Saffles
  • Elwood Troy
  • Ann White

General Allen’s Staff has worked tirelessly in preparing for this Academy, and we believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the Academy Members will see the results every Tuesday evening.  Each week Academy Members will learn about emerging trends such as the opiate epidemic, gang prosecution, and human trafficking, and get the chance to perform as a prosecutor in a mock trial.  While our work may not always seem glamorous and have that “CSI Effect” (which General Allen’s Staff will illustrate during the course), we recognize and take seriously its importance in our role as public servants.

We thank this enthusiastic group of citizens for joining our Citizens Academy and hope that more members of our community will apply for a future Academy Class.  To learn more, please contact our Community Affairs Director Emily Scheuneman at



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