Knox County District Attorney General - Charme P. Allen

DAG Charme Allen Announces Formation of New Community Affairs Unit

Posted: 9/02/2014Feature Photo

Upon taking Office in September 2014, District Attorney General Charme Allen launched an exciting new initiative that is an integral part of her administration. In an effort to put into action the second prong of her dual goal of being Tough on Crime, Smart on Prevention, she created the Community Affairs Unit. This innovative Unit provides a direct link between the District Attorney’s Office and the citizens of Knox County through involvement in community outreach, education of the public, and partnership with other agencies.  This Unit serves to foster communication between the District Attorney General’s Office and the Knoxville community, and ultimately serves to prevent crime at its source.

The staff members of this important Unit focus their efforts on four specific community outreach objectives, to include: 1) Forming relationships with established community groups; 2) Providing targeted prevention programs in local schools; 3) Coordinating education and awareness opportunities for our elderly citizens; and 4) Partnering with local law enforcement to promote their crime prevention programs.  Ultimately the goal of the Community Affairs Unit is to utilize the unique skills and knowledge of the members of the District Attorney’s Office to foster community involvement and communication, and thereby decrease crime in Knox County.

The Community Affairs Unit will continue to seek new ways to partner with those in our community who are interested in making Knox County safer through crime prevention and with those who are interested in learning more about our criminal justice system.  Please contact Jackie Myers, the Community Affairs Coordinator, to learn more about how our Office can assist you or your community group with crime prevention and education.

To contact Jackie Myers, please call 865.215.2515 or send an email to



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