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Criminal Court for the State of Tennessee
                                                              Knox County

                   Dear Knox County Citizens,

                   I hope you find this Community Service Guide helpful  and easy to use.

                   Whether you are new to Knox County or have resided here for many years, this  information
                   is  important  for  you  to  have.  It  covers  our  Community  Service  Program  eligibility

                   requirements, policies, as well as your responsibilities and rights as a program participant.  I
                   hope you will read this  guide carefully and keep it for future reference.

                   If you have any questions about this guide or the program, please feel free to call the Knox County
                   Criminal Court.  Contact information is provided on the guide’s cover.

                   I wish you great success for full completion of the program, and I ask you to stand with me in our
                   effort to  ensure great service, high efficiency and positive attitudes for the organizations who
                   agree to partner with the Knox County Community Service Program.


                     Mike Hammond
                   Knox County Clerk of Courts

                   Phone:  (865) 215-2492
                   Fax:  (865) 215-4291
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