Criminal Court Jury Orientation – Monday, April 13th – Cancelled

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Posted: 2020-04-09

The Knox County Criminal Court has sent communications to all those summonsed for the Monday, April 13th Jury Orientation at the Knoxville Expo Center to notify summonsed jurors that Jury Orientation has been cancelled and to request each juror contact our office to schedule a two -week service period. 

The Knox County Criminal Court Clerks Office request summonsed jurors for the 4/13 Jury Orientation to do one of the following actions, if you have not already:

  1. Email, listing your full name as is appears on your summons, and request a jury service period, OR
  2. Call (865) 215-2492 and ask to speak with a Jury Coordinator, who will gladly assist you over the phone with confirming a two-week service period.

We will not be rescheduling this Jury Orientation.  But please note that your jury service is very much needed.

In the absence of our Jury Orientation, we would like to share two helpful Resources:

1.  Click HERE to watch our Jury Service Guide Video.

2.  Click HERE to review our online Jury Service Handbook to answer questions or for jury service experience information. Call (865) 215-2492 to request a mailed
paper copy.

Please do not delay in contacting us, we look forward to your response, and we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Knox County Criminal Court
City County Building | 400 Main Street, Ste. 149 | Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 215-2492 – Direct
(865) 215-2494 - Recorded Info. Line after 4:30 p.m.