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Posted: 2019-01-04

Fourth Circuit Court Clerk Mike Hammond, in conjunction with Fourth Circuit Judge Greg McMillan, has instituted two new programs to assist persons in need of special language assistance.  The Clerk has subscribed to “Language Line” which gives his employees immediate contact with a language specialist by phone to communicate with any member of the public.  In addition, the Clerk’s office now provides subtitles in 5 languages for its “Order of Protection” video.  This video helps individuals present their case in court if they do not have a lawyer.  To access the subtitles which are in Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, and English for the hearing impaired, go to the Criminal Court Clerk’s website, click on the video and go to settings to select the language needed.  “This is in response to a need we have seen in our office to help the staff better communicate with the public,” Hammond said.  “In addition, it provides a service to members of the public needing language assistance to prepare their case in court for an Order of Protection.”  If there are questions, please contact Hammond at 865-215-3455.