Over 1 Million Pageviews

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Posted: 2017-5-25

Upon taking office as Clerk of the Criminal, General Sessions - Criminal Division and Fourth Circuit Courts, Mike Hammond made it a top priority to increase access and ease-of-use for individuals seeking to obtain court related information. One of Clerk Hammond’s first projects was to develop a comprehensive and interactive website for the Clerk’s Office. (knoxcounty.org/criminalcourt). The new website features a mobile-friendly and organized place for the general public to easily navigate and locate case-specific information and stay apprised of news and events.

Additionally, the website offers the opportunity to stay connected with real-time updates via twitter and much more. These new tools have clearly left a positive impression on visitors. The new website has now received over 1 million pageviews. Let us know what you think - send your ideas or suggestions by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on our homepage and completing the Contact Us Form.