Peggy Thompson Criminal Evidence Room

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Posted: 2016-6-13

In tribute to the 30 years of dedicated management and administration for the Knox County Criminal Court Evidence Room, Clerk of Courts Mike Hammond has dedicated the Evidence Room name to honor Deputy Clerk Ms. Peggy Thompson. The Criminal Court Evidence Room, located on Floor L3 in the City-County Building, has officially been designated the "Peggy Thompson Criminal Evidence Room". The Criminal Evidence Room recently received a 21st century upgrade in January this year to include a state of the art evidence storage solution, featuring movable carriages with a multitude of cabinets, drawers and shelving to maximize organization and storage capacity. Ms. Thompson remarked that she is very happy to see the Evidence Room evolve and progress from the days of cataloging evidence on handwritten index cards to documenting evidence into an electronic database. Knox County Criminal Court commends Peggy Thompson for her longstanding commitment to protect the integrity of criminal evidence and her hands-on involvement in the implementation of the Court's new innovative storage solution.