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Posted: 2016-4-6

On March 29, 2016, the Governor of Tennessee signed Tennessee Senate Bill 2032, which authorizes Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond to implement a community service program for defendants that are unable to pay their court costs.  Upon successful completion of the community service program, the Knox County General Sessions and Criminal Court Judges are authorized to suspend court costs and litigation tax in lieu of full payment of court costs and litigation taxes.  The bill was introduced in January 2016 and passed both houses of the State Legislature with overwhelming support.

Criminal, General Sessions & Fourth Circuit Court Clerk, Mike Hammond, attributes the bill’s introduction and successful passage to the dedication and strong support of both Representative Bill Dunn (District 16) and Senator Richard Briggs (District 7).  When Mr. Hammond introduced the vision for the bill to both Representaive Dunn and Senator Briggs, they were both widely receptive and understood the benefits the bill could offer, as well as the exponential value it would bring to Knox County.

Details of the program will be published following meetings with the Judges, District Attorney, Public Defenders and private attorneys.  Hammond said, “We hope to have the program ready by August 1st.”

To learn more about the bill, please click here.