Jury Information Portal and Management System Launches to Streamline Criminal Jury Procedures

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Posted: 2021-08-18

Knoxville, TN: Knox County Criminal Court Jury Services and Knox County IT have launched a new Juror Information Portal and Jury Management System to optimize jury service procedures.

“The ability to use technology for juror management has been a top priority for my office,” said Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond. “Utilizing the expertise of Zack Webb and his team, it is now a reality.”

The new Juror Information Portal and Jury Management System streamlines the jury registration process and replaces registration previously held in-person quarterly at Jury Service Orientations. Now through the Juror Information Portal, summoned jurors can complete their jury service registration conveniently online. Online registration decreases costs associated with in-person orientations and promotes better juror accessibility to forms and resources.

"We greatly value and appreciate the time and service our jurors contribute to Knox County," said Criminal Court Jury Coordinator Kasey Stone. "The new Jury Portal and Management System offers a quicker, easier, and more accessible way for our jurors to register and serve."

Criminal Court Jury Services turned to Knox County's own IT Department to complete the optimization project. Knox County IT offered numerous customization features that significantly enhanced criminal court jury service procedures.

“Modernizing and automating complex and diverse workflows allow us to decrease cost, increase quality and communication, and most importantly deliver a better experience for the jurors of Knox County throughout the life-cycle of their service,” Said Zack Webb, Knox County IT Chief Technical Officer. “These new applications represent Knox County’s continued mission of delivering exciting, robust, and cost-saving technical solutions to our region. By using these applications our jurors will be ensured a better, more efficient, and feature-rich experience throughout their valuable service to our County.”

The new Jury Information Portal is just one of the latest technologies Criminal Jury Services has implemented that helps to promote a more positive jury service experience. Other upgrades include juror service notifications via email and text and providing juror educational videos produced by Knox County's IT department.

For more information regarding Knox County Criminal Court Jury Service, please visit the Criminal Court Clerk's website at www.knoxcounty.org/criminalcourt.