New Tennessee Law Updates Excusal Procedures for Potential Jurors Age 75 And Older

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Posted: 2021-06-30

KNOXVILLE, TN, June 30, 2021: Effective July 1, 2021, jurors 75 years of age or older and who are incapable of serving as a juror due to a mental or physical condition are excused from jury service according to new State of Tennessee Law, Public Chapter No. 544.

Moving forward, Jury Coordinators will excuse a juror from service upon receiving a written declaration stating the person’s name, date of birth and declaring the mental or physical condition that causes the person to be incapable of performing jury service. The summoned juror or a representative may complete and submit the declaration.

Previously, jurors age 75 years or older who were unable to participate in jury service were required to have their doctor complete and submit a form stating the reason for their requested excusal. The new amendment to the Tennessee Code creates a more accessible avenue for those requesting to be excused from jury service. However, the new subsection does not prevent a person age 75 years or older from participating in jury service.

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