Criminal Court Clerk Launches "Justice Starts with You" Campaign

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Posted: 2021-05-27

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond has launched the “Justice Starts with You” Campaign to spotlight the importance of jury service and enhance the Criminal Court’s educational resources for summoned jurors.

“It’s important for us to change the narrative surrounding jury service,” said Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond. “When a prospective juror receives their summons, we don’t want their first thought to be, ‘how can I get out of this?’ Our goal is to educate our community, so everyone understands how vitally important jurors are to our democracy and how justice truly starts with them.”

The “Justice Starts with You” campaign consists of educational videos created for summoned jurors and informative social media posts explaining the jury service experience.

“The words guilty or not guilty can change the life of an individual, victims, and their families,” said Mike Hammond. “Only a jury can decide the outcome based on testimony and evaluating the evidence. The court thanks our jurors for their commitment to our community and fulfilling their invaluable civic duty.”

You can follow the “Justice Starts with You” campaign on the Criminal Court Clerk’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website located at