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                                 THE BRAND I DENTI TY k n o x c o u n t y . o r g Our brand is our identity. Our identity includes how we imagine ourselves, how others perceive us and what we are
driven to achieve.
Knox County is rich in natural beauty and culture. It is a major waypoint for cross-country traffific as two of the nation’s most important thoroughfares—I-40 and I-75—converge within its borders while the Great Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee River provide a backdrop unrivaled in the region. Knox County boasts a combination of assets such as the University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Tennessee Valley Authority, setting us apart from virtually every other community in the world, and making this a prime location for research and manufacturing. Knox County is a great place to live and work.
In Knox County, our brand is to ensure continued economic growth and vibrancy within the local, regional, state and global marketplaces. We want to be a responsive and learning-centered community that provides educational opportunities in support of economic development. We know education fuels a thriving community and provides a progressive environment with a strong and literate workforce. By successfully promoting this community and its plentiful assets, we can enhance the quality of life for our constituents.
The following brand standards are a step toward these ideals. This brand guide should be used to set the tone for how we communicate with our publics; in it you will fifind the components that defifine the unique look of our visual communication style.
Elements of Our Identity
Referencing Knox County Government
“Knox County” is the preferred way to refer to the county. “Knox County Government” and “The County” are also acceptable. “Knox County” should precede any reference to “The County” in written formats. It is also appropriate to use “County” when starting a sentence or describing persons who work for the county. (For example, “County offificials started work on Monday.”)
Referencing Departments within Knox County Government
With many departments represented under the purview of the Mayor’s Offifice, it is important that naming those departments in spoken word or print is always consistent. Below is a list of offificial department titles, they may stand alone and do not need to be preceded by “the offifice of” or followed by “department” unless otherwise noted.
• Air Quality
• Benefifits
• Codes
• Communications
• Community Development
• Constituent Services
• Election Commission
• Engineering & Public Works
• Ethics Committee
• Finance
• Fire Prevention Bureau
• Health Department
• Human Resources
• Information Technology • KGIS
• Merit System
• Parks & Recreation
• Public Library
• Procurement
• Records Management
• Regional Forensic Center • Retirement
• Senior Services
• Solid Waste
• Stormwater Management • Veteran Services