Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Procurement

Pending Solicitations

ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Number Deadline Due Date Buyer
Doors and Related Supplies 3102 11-16-21 Todd Hickman
Birch Plywood 3127 01-11-22 Todd Hickman
Decedent Transport 3198 03-11-22 Heather Whitehead
Facility Recycling Services 3202 03-17-22 Todd Hickman
Produce for Schools 3208 03-23-22 Jay Garrison
AVL-GPS Services 3147 03-29-22 Brian Hubbs
Electrical Supplies 3227 04-14-22 Todd Hickman
Home Rehabilitation Program for CAC 3238 04-14-22 Donnie Fawver
School Nutrition Management System 3223 04-19-22 Jay Garrison
Termite Control Services 3222 04-26-22 Todd Hickman
Foreign Language Interpretation Services 3232 04-27-22 Heather Whitehead
Broadcasting Rights for Knox County Schools Events 3243 05-04-22 Jay Garrison
Food for Children's Special Services 3235 05-05-22 Heather Whitehead
Track Resurfacing & Re-Striping Services 3245 05-10-22 Todd Hickman
Food Service Equipment and Smallwares 3228 05-11-22 Jay Garrison
School Bus Tracking Application for Parents/Guardians 3254 05-11-22 Heather Whitehead
Construction of the CAC Mobile Meals Facility Addition/Renovation 3250 05-12-22 Ben Sharbel
Employee Psychological Services 3230 05-18-22 Donnie Fawver
Passenger Vans 3256 05-18-22 Christina Beeler
Beverage Dispensing Systems and Syrup Bid 3246 05-19-22 Donnie Fawver