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Vendor Information Binder

Local business owners can now access information on how to  work with Knox County’s Purchasing Division at any Knox County Public Library. Every library location has a "blue binder" filled with information on how to become a vendor or submit a bid for a project with Knox County government.

The binders contain information about the Small Business Administration (SBA) in Nashville, contact information for staff members in the Purchasing Division, and information for Supplier Diversity. Included is a list of currently open bids with Knox County, which will be updated regularly.

"We are excited to partner with the Library to disseminate this information across the county. Having this information available will be much more convenient for business owners who are on the road. Until now, they've had to come to the purchasing department downtown or go online for updates on open bids," said Robert Minter, Supplier Diversity Coordinator.

For more information, please contact Robert Minter at (865) 215-5756.

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Supplier Diversity

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