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Gym Discounts

National Fitness Center and YMCA of East Tennessee both have Discounted Memberships available for Knox County Employees!
For National Fitness Center:

  • Are you a new hire with Knox County?
  • Do you have a current gym membership that has expired?

If so, you are eligible for a discounted membership to Court South and National Fitness Center Clubs! Click Here for an enrollment form.

Knox County Government employees may join the YMCA of East TN without a contract at any time. Stop by any YMCA of East TN location and show your Knox County ID or a recent pay stub. Click Here for additional information.


National Fitness Center/Court South

Single Membership - $39.95 per month
Single + 1 Membership - $49.95 per month
Family Membership - $89.95 per month

YMCA of East Tennessee
Single Membership - $24.00 per month
Single + 1 Membership - $30.00 per month
Family Membership - $35.00 per month

  • Monthly amounts will be taken out of two paychecks each month (24 paychecks per year).
  • Membership dues are paid through payroll deduction.
  • Memberships are terminated if an employee leaves Knox County.
  • Employees must have a qualifying event in order to enroll with National Fitness Center outside of the open enrollment period during the month of June. (Qualifying events include: new employees or loss of a current gym membership.)
  • Knox County Government employees have the option of going directly through National Fitness Center instead of using payroll deduction.  This requires a 3-YEAR CONTRACT with the gym. Knox County’s contract is only 1 year.

Membership with either gym gives you access to all locations for that particular gym.

Email: or call 215-3800 with questions.

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