Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Procurement


ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Opens Buyer
Housing and Energy Services 2400 08-01-16 Donnie Fawver
Credit Card Processing Services 2409 08-03-16 Ben Sharbel
Scrap Metal Services 2403 08-04-16 Karen Smitherman
School Equipment for the Visually Impaired 2406 08-04-16 Josh French
Financial Advisory Services 2405 08-09-16 Jay Garrison
Section 125 Administrator 2411 08-09-16 Josh French
Knox County Surplus Real Property Auction Online Auction 08-15-16 Ben Sharbel
Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center 2404 08-16-16 Matt Myers
Knox County Schools Maintenance Roof Upgrades 2410 08-16-16 Tom Seagle
Doors and Related Supplies 2412 08-16-16 Tom Seagle
Gym Floor Repair, Refinish and Replacement Services 2414 08-17-16 Tom Seagle
Whiteboard Skins 2413 08-18-16 Tom Seagle
Roofing Supplies 2415 08-19-16 Tom Seagle
Uniforms for Knox County School Nutrition 2416 08-22-16 Jay Garrison
Cafeteria Disposables and Chemicals 2428 08-23-16 Jay Garrison
Bond Counsel Services 2425 08-24-16 Matt Myers
Employee Accident Insurance 2427 08-24-16 Josh French
Landscaping Services 2426 08-25-16 Karen Smitherman
Pre Sort Mail Services 2432 08-30-16 Jay Garrison