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Knox County Purchasing

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ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Purchasing Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Buyer Succesful Vendor
Folder Sealer System and Accessories 737 Mike Reeves Advanced Mailing Systems
Custodial Supplies 746 Mike Reeves Kel San, Sam Tell & Sons, Xpedx
Sport Utility Vehicle 745 Jay Garrison Ted Russell Ford
Facility Re Roofs 743 Matt Myers Rich Construction
Skateboard Ramps 749 Mike Reeves American Ramp Company
Sedans 751 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Digital Voice Recorder System 742 Diane Woods Blue Ridge Voice & Data, LLC
Postal Folding System 753 Jay Garrison Pitney Bowes
Line Matrix Printer 752 Jay Garrison Catalyst Technology Group
Professional Auditing Services 759 Mike Reeves KPMG, LLC
Kubota Compact Excavator 763 Tom Seagle East Tennessee Equipment
Employee Vision Benefit Services 770 Mike Reeves EyeMed Vision Care, LLC
Athletic Field Marking Paint 779 Mike Reeves US Specialty Coatings
Knox County Detention Facility Sewer Upgrade 768 Matt Myers Design & Construction Services, Inc.
Grant Consulting Services 781 Matt Myers Pratt, PRatt and Rice, Inc.
Commissary Soups 787 Diane Woods Keefe Group
Weapons 765 Diane Woods Clyde Armory
Commissary Snacks 788 Diane Woods Keefe Group
Trafiic Signal Installation Hardin Valley 784 Matt Myers Holley Electric
Equipment Rental 778 Tom Seagle Hertz Rental
Group Dental Plan Administration 772 Mike Reeves Delta Dental of Tennessee
Fire Detection and Alarm System Upgrade 780 Matt Myers McGaha Electric Company
Postage Mailing Machine 791 Jay Garrison Pitney Bowes
Paving Services 776 Tom Seagle Duracap Asphalt Paving
School Art Supplies 783 Mike Reeves Lakeshore Learning, Oriental trading, Pyramid, Sax arts and Crafts
Third Party Administrator 771 Mike Reeves ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company
Vehicle Body Repair Services 799 Diane Woods Lusk Body CPmpany, Malibu Collision, CR Melton Enterprises
Flexible Benefits Administration 796 Matt Myers C&J Consulting/TASC
CBFO Girls Softball Field Restroom Facility 794 Mike Reeves Rich Construction
Underwear 803 Diane Woods Bob Barker, Carolina Textiles
K 9 Dogs 813 Diane Woods Metro Dade K9 Services
Cargo Vans 809 Tom Seagle Jackey Jones Automotive
Pedometers 814 Jay Garrison Premier Group
Sport Utility Vehicle 811 Mike Reeves Alexander Ford
Locker Replacement and Repair 820 Matt Myers Locker Pro, LLC
Aerial Work Platform 812 Jay Garrison United Rentals
Investment Advisory Services 800 Mike Reeves PFM Asset Management, LLC
Medical Waste Disposal 826 Diane Woods Evergreen Waste
Records Storage Shelving Units 827 Mike Reeves Strictly Storage, LLC
Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies 818 Tom Seagle Kelsan
Liquid Soap and Dispensers 829 Mike Reeves Kelsan
Stop Loss Insurance 836 Matt Myers Unimerica Insurance Company
Engineering Consulting Services 819 Matt Myers Wilbur Smith & Associates
Spreadsheet Server Software 832 Matt Myers GlobalSoft
Architectural and Engineering Qualifications 847 Matt Myers McCarty Holsaple, Smee Busby, Studio Four Design
Library Furniture and Accessories 830 Mike Reeves School & Office Supply, Custom Educational Furniture
Video Cassettes 841 Diane Woods Malelo Company
Bucket Truck 854 Mike Reeves O.G. Hughes
Cosmetology Equipment 838 Mike Reeves Heaven and Earth Properties
Sedans 848 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Animal Control Truck 824 Jay Garrison Nelson Auto Center
Computer Software 852 Mike Reeves Matchware, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Supplies 853 Diane Woods Clinical Solutions
Education Management Information System 842 Mike Reeves Follett Software
School Forensic Equipment 864 Mike Reeves School SPeciality, Frey Scientific, Fisher Scientific
Golf Carts 870 Matt Myers Club Car
2009 Police Interceptor Vehicles 874 Diane Woods Alexander Automotive
Drug Abuse Testing Cups 866 Jay Garrison AmeriDrug, Corp.
Compact Sport Utility Vehicle 872 Jay Garrison Deam Stallings Ford
Commissary Hygiene Products 858 Diane Woods Village Distributors
Sport Utility Vehicle 876 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Surplus Book Removal Services 879 Tom Seagle Follett Educational Services
Sedans with Police Package 877 Diane Woods Alexander Automotive
Food Carts and Trays 857 Diane Woods Cortech
Educational Supplies 867 Jay Garrison Kaplan Early Learning, Kurtz Bros., School Speciality, The School Box
Transportation Vans 880 Diane Woods Dean Stallings Ford
Box Bed Truck 884 Tom Seagle Jackey Jones Central Fleet Sales
Commercial Boiler Installation and Repair Services 883 Tom Seagle Precision Boiler Repair
Birch Plywood and Supplies 882 Tom Seagle A&M Supply
Computer Equipment 889 Mike Reeves Personal Computer Systems
Office Furniture 896 Diane Woods Office Furniture USA
Marketing Program 815 Jay Garrison Moxley Carmichael
Vehicle Modification and Repair Services 890 Tom Seagle North Knox Collision Repair
Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge Outfitter Services 895 Mike Reeves River Sports Outfitters
Pollution Instrumentation 901 Jay Garrison Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
Mowing Services 881 Tom Seagle Lasting Impressions, Aquatic Dreams, Malachi Lawn, US Lawns, A&T Lawncare
Crew Cab Truck 903 Mike Reeves Jacky Jones Ford
Red Z Fluid Control Stabilizer 902 Mike Reeves Laboratory Supply Company
Syringes 911 Jay Garrison Products Unlimited, Inc.
Exam Gloves 912 Jay Garrison McKesson Medical
Nutritional Drinks 916 Jay Garrison First Choice Medical Supply
Chemicals and Fertilizer 918 Matt Myers Harrell's LLC, UAP Professional Products
Local Telecommunication Services 921 Mike Reeves AT & T, PAETEC
Long Distance Telecommunication Services 920 Mike Reeves AT & T, PAETEC
Roadway Improvements 910 Matt Myers Duracap Asphalt Paving
Sedans with Trade In 923 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Conversion Kit for Cargo Van 924 Diane Woods Law Enforcement Supply
Fires Sprinkler Inspection and Repair Services 931 Tom Seagle Cherokee Sprinkler, Tennessee Automatic Sprinkler
Powell High School Stadium 926 Matt Myers Evans Contracting
Golf Course Sand 935 Matt Myers Short Mountain Silica
Mowing Services for Parks 932 Mike Reeves Lasting Impressions
Health Coach 940 Matt Myers Summit Medical Group
Fire Alarm Inspection and Repair Services 936 Tom Seagle Building Systems Technology, Gallaher & Associates
Construction Manager at Risk Services 943 Matt Myers J. A. Fielden Company
Digital Message Board Signs and Installation 939 Tom Seagle Daktronics, Superior Signs
Drink Stations 949 Diane Woods Four Seasons Comfort
Generator Maintenance and Repair Service 944 Tom Seagle Certified Generator Service
Reroofing Maynard Elementary and Whittle Springs Middle 945 Matt Myers Henley Roofing Company
Corporate Gym Membership Services 950 Mike Reeves Court South Total Conditioning Clubs
Bathroom Partitions 952 Diane Woods BWB Enterprise
Property Assessor Business Program 955 Jay Garrison Tax Management Associates
Seizure Lot 953 Diane Woods Chestnut Street Garage
Fairway Fertilization Services 960 Matt Myers Harrell's LLC
Financial Management System 946 Matt Myers Tyler Technologies, Inc.
Commissary Candy 961 Diane Woods L P Shanks
Installation of Columbine Locks 947 Tom Seagle F. M. George Safe & Lock
Fire Protection Services 957 Jay Garrison Rural Metro Fire Department
Dutchtown Convenience Center Improvements 968 Matt Myers Design and Construction Services, Inc.
Professional Auditing Services 963 Mike Reeves Alexander Thompson and Arnold
Roof Upgrades at Central High School 973 Matt Myers C M Henley Company
Steele Road Sidewalk Project 972 Matt Myers J. Cumby Construction, LLC
Tax Consulting Services 970 Mike Reeves Situs Tax Consultants
Splashpad Retrofitting Services 976 Mike Reeves Aquatic Renovation Systems
Electrical Repair Services 966 Tom Seagle Multiple Award - Contact Buyer
Lift Repair Services 989 Tom Seagle The Lilly Company
Used Turf Utility Vehicles 1000 Matt Myers Smith Turf & Irrigation
Sale and/or Lease of State Street Property 996 Matt Myers Marble Alley, LLC
Fire Alarm System Upgrade or Replacement 994 Diane Woods Gallaher & Associates
Commercial Grade Tools and Supplies 992 Tom Seagle Fastenal, MSC Industrial, Midwest Technology, SMP Knoxville
Dental Benefit Services 997 Mike Reeves Delta Dental of Tennessee, United Healthcare SPeciality Benefits
Carpet Tiles and Renewed carpet Tiles 1010 Tom Seagle DPM Company, Mannington Commercial
Pickup Truck 1004 Jay Garrison Jacky Jones Fleet Center
Courier Vehicles 1006 Jay Garrison Toyota of Knoxville
School Health Conscious Monitoring Equipment 1007 Mike Reeves Cardinal Health
Actuarial Review of Health Insurance 1021 Mike Reeves USI Consulting Group
School Bus Digital Surveillance System 1009 Mike Reeves Cartwright Communication Technology
Interview Room Recording Solution 1024 Diane Woods Graybar Electric Company
Professional Auditing Services 962 Mike Reeves KPMG, LLC
Primary Care Provider 1019 Jay Garrison Cherokee Health System
Arrowhead Detention Pond 1038 Matt Myers APAC Atlantic, Inc.
Solway Waste Line Project 1037 Matt Myers Knoxville Excavating, LLC
Helicopter Parts and Service 1013 Diane Woods Keystone Helicopter, Vertiflite, Inc.
Centralized Library Management System 1040 Mike Reeves Follett Software Company
Cargo Vans 1047 Tom Seagle Ted Russell Ford
Lawn Mowers 1044 Mike Reeves Mayo Garden Centers
Gift Cards 1048 Mike Reeves Bliss, Mast General Store, Three Rivers Market
Playgrounud Equipment 1063 Leslie Collier Gametime, Inc
Sprinter Cargo Van 1064 Tom Seagle Jim Cogdill Dodge
Fire Extinguishers 1062 Tom Seagle Simplex Grinnell
Inmate Uniforms 1057 Diane Woods Bob Barker Company
Uniforms 1068 Jay Garrison East Ridge
Inmate Footwear 1061 Diane Woods Gold Water Industries
Garbage Truck 1053 Mike Reeves Municipal Equipment
Robotics Engineering Lab Curriculum 1067 Mike Reeves Learning Labs, Inc.
Desktop Printer and Accessories 1076 Mike Reeves Technical Training Aids
Sport Utility Vehicle 1132 Jay Garrison Ted Russell Ford
Structural Stabilization Services 1072 Tom Seagle Merit Construction, Agate Foundation, Stooksbury Construction, Skilled Services
Courier Vehicle 1129 Jay Garrison Toyota of Knoxville
Guttering and Installation Services 1133 Tom Seagle Crossmembers, Inc., JANCO Construction
Broadcast Equipment 1130 Mike Reeves Broadcast Worldwide Supply
High Speed Printers with Assessment Tools 1136 Diane Woods RISO, Inc.
Safety Shoes 1131 Mike Reeves Lehigh Outfitters, LLC
Fingerprint Scanning System 1142 Jay Garrison L-1 Biometrics Division
Shop Tools 1146 Mike Reeves Snap-On Industrial
Calculators 1143 Mike Reeves D & H Distributing
Digital Archive Writing 1217 Jay Garrison Data Management Internationale
Medical Supplies 1328 Jay Garrison Midwest Medical Supplies, Henry Schein Medical, Alliance Medical, Gulf South Medical Supply
Video Cassettes 1330 Diane Woods Malelo and Company
Automatic Switch Maintenance 1332 Diane Woods Siemens Industry, Inc.
Police Interceptor Vehicles 1343 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet, Ted Russell Ford
Voice Response System 1238 Mike Reeves Turning Technologies
Drywall and Ceiling Tile Products 1356 Tom Seagle Anderson Lumber Company
Promotional Items 1327 Jay Garrison Kenesaw Promotional Products
Office Supplies 1359 Matt Myers Staples Advantage
Cargo Van 1399 Diane Woods Ted Russell Ford
Transportation Services 1402 Mike Reeves American Logistics, City Shuttle, Glenda Hillard
Prisoner Transport Vehicle 1400 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Laundry Services 1401 Jay Garrison Michael Dunn Center
Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment 1403 Mike Reeves Zoetek Medical Sales
Four Station Shower Trailer 1432 Jay Garrison Four Seasons Comfort
Image Scanning Services 1358 Jay Garrison Imaging Technology Consulting, Inc.
Substitute Employee Absence Management System 1405 Mike Reeves Frontline Placement Technologies, Inc.
Ball Camp Elementary School Addition and Renovations 1357 Matt Myers Johnson & Galyon, Inc.
Hotline System 1406 Mike Reeves Global Compliance
Powell Elementary School Roof Replacement 1434 Matt Myers Dixie Roofing, Inc.
Vehicle Oil Change Services 1457 Diane Woods Pinnacle Sales dba Jiffy Lube
Bearden High Stadium Restoration 1438 Matt Myers Volunteer Restoration, Inc.
Bleacher Repair Services 1436 Tom Seagle Charron Sports Services
Stage Curtains and Installation Services 1549 Tom Seagle Tenn-Edd Products
Milk Milk Products and Other Beverages 1579 Leslie Collier Flavorich Dairies
Newspaper Advertising 1580 Mike Reeves Scripps Media, Inc - News Sentinel, Scripps Media, Inc - Metro Pulse
Engineering Consulting Services 1575 Matt Myers Wilbur Smith Associates
Cedar Bluff PreK Fire Alarm Upgrade 1537 Matt Myers Sun Electric Company
Copy Paper 1583 Mike Reeves XpedX
Trees, Planting and Mulching 1584 Mike Reeves All in the Garden
Online Auction Services 1586 Tom Seagle GovDeals
Fairway Fertilizing Services 1618 Matt Myers Harrell's, LLC
Central High Stadium Restoration 1664 Tom Seagle Volunteer Restoration, Inc.
Sportspark Operation 1617 Mike Reeves Metro Consessions
Free Standing Kiosks 1686 Jay Garrison Kiosk Information Systems
Building Materials 1679 Mike Reeves The Home Depot
Various Gases and Related Supplies 1684 Tom Seagle Scott Grossman Company
Washington Pike Bridge Repairs 1718 Matt Myers Southern Constructors, Inc.
Dry Gap at Fountain City Road Project 1760 Matt Myers Rogers Group, Inc.
Trusses and Supplies 1719 Mike Reeves The Home Depot
High Speed Copier 1796 Diane Woods Konica Minolta
Wide Format Printer and Supplies 1720 Mike Reeves Aprisa Technology, LLC
Food and Non Food Items KCS 1853 Leslie Collier Institutional Wholesale Co., US Foodservice
Bread and Bread Products 1855 Leslie Collier Sara Lee Bakery Group
Ice Cream and Ice Cream Products 1857 Leslie Collier Mayfield Dairies, LLC
Modular Classroom Buildings 1856 Tom Seagle Clayton Homes
Life Safety Improvements at Carter High School 1850 Matt Myers Danny Davis Electrical Contractors
ASC Chilhowee Intermediate 1822 Leslie Collier Kids Place
ASC Gibbs Elementary 1834 Leslie Collier Kids Place
ASC East Knox Elementary 1823 Leslie Collier Shades of Development
Preschool ASC East Knox Elementary 1829 Leslie Collier Shades of Development
ASC Sunnyview Elementary 1845 Leslie Collier YMCA Child Care Services
ASC Mount Olive Elementary 1839 Leslie Collier Shades of Development
ASC Fountain City Elementary 1832 Leslie Collier Kid's Place
ASC Blue Grass Elementary 1818 Leslie Collier YMCA Child Care Services
ASC Farragut Intermediate 1830 Leslie Collier Farragut After School Program
ASC Hardin Valley Elementary 1838 Leslie Collier YMCA Child Care Services
ASC Shannondale Elementary 1846 Leslie Collier YMCA Child Care Services
ASC Norwood Elementary 1840 Leslie Collier Shades of Development
ASC Green Magnet School 1836 Leslie Collier YMCA Child Care Services
ASC Cedar Bluff Elementary 1821 Leslie Collier Cedar Bluff Kids
Group Dental Plan Administration 1849 Mike Reeves Delta Dental of Tennessee
Formative Assessment System 1888 Mike Reeves Discovery Education Assessment, LLC
Toilet Paper and Dispensers 1871 Mike Reeves Kelsan, Inc.
Screening Audiometers 1897 Leslie Collier Quelle Corporation
Printing of School Coupon Books 1899 Mike Reeves Walsworth Publishing COmpany
Chemical Resistant Flooring 1895 Tom Seagle Stonhard Company
Paper 1902 Mike Reeves Athens Paper Company, XPedX
Brine Maker and Accessories 1896 Tom Seagle Varitech Industries
Paint and Related Supplies 1900 Tom Seagle Sherwin Williams, ICI Paints
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement and Curbing 1938 Matt Myers Rogers Group, Inc.
RFQ Ebenezer Road at Westland Drive 1977 Matt Myers Vaughn & Melton
Group Term Life and ADD Insurance 1872 Mike Reeves ReliaStar Life Insurance Company
Tilting Kettle 2004 Diane Woods Katom Restaurant Equipment
Ancillary Services 1991 Mike Reeves KCARC dba Sunshine Industries
Braising Pan 2005 Diane Woods Katom Restaurant Equipment
White Topping of National Drive at John Sevier Highway 1997 Matt Myers APAC-Atlantic. Inc.
Passport Media and Equipment 2006 Jay Garrison Imaging Spectrum, Inc.
Truck Service Bodies 2019 Jay Garrison O. G. Hughs and Sons, Inc.
LCD Devices for the Visually Impaired 2009 Matt Myers Enhanced Vision
HVAC Belts 2010 Tom Seagle Applied Industrial Technologies
Chemistry Lab Equipment 2015 Jay Garrison Frey Scientific
Fire Suppression Trailer 2017 Mike Reeves Mobile Concepts by Scotty
Solid Waste Roll Off Hauling Services 2003 Mike Reeves Waste Connections of TN
Solid Waste Disposal Services 1992 Mike Reeves Riverside C&D Landfill, Poplar View Landfill, Wast Connections of TN
Indoor Resilient Athletic Flooring 2018 Tom Seagle Finchum Sports Floors
Employee Assistance Services 2052 Mike Reeves Dear Oaks EAP, LLC
Community Based Student Transition Services 230 Mike Reeves Cerebral Palsy Center
Student Assistance Counseling Services 209 Mike Reeves Helen Ross McNabb Center
Primary Care Provider 231 Jay Garrison Cherokee Health Systems, Inc.
Rotary Contour Mower 237 Matt Myers Smith Turf and Irrigation
Statuatory and Fidelity Bonds 235 Mike Reeves TIS Insurance Services
Electronic Educational Products 193 Karen Smitherman D&H Distributing, School Specialty, Beacon Ridge, LLC
Straw Blower 245 Mike Reeves Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.
Desktop 3D Printer 233 Jay Garrison Learning Labs, Inc.
Licensing and Trademark Services 243 Matt Myers Strategic Marketing Affiliates
Medical Appointment Notification Software 232 Jay Garrison US Netcom Corporation
Parkside Drive Hayfield Road Improvements 241 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Website Development 249 Leslie Collier Serverlogic Corporation
Uniforms 286 Jay Garrison Kay Uniforms
Food Service Uniforms 299 Karen Smitherman Bellinghausen Uniforms
Visually Impaired School Equipment 312 Matt Myers Indigo/Logix, LLC
Covered Utility Service Van 310 Mike Reeves O. G. Hugh
Elevator Repair Maintenance and Installation 270 Tom Seagle National Elevator
Welding and Fabrication Services 315 Tom Seagle Quality Machine & Welding, United Services
Commercial Dish Machines 317 Karen Smitherman Strategic Equipment & Supply
Used Greens Equipment 314 Matt Myers Smith Turf & Irrigation
Poster Award Maker and Accessories 318 Mike Reeves Brady Varitronics
Traffic Signal Construction Services 192 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric
Small Wares 322 Leslie Collier Strategic Equipment and Supply
Maintenance and Repair of Solid Waste Equipment 320 Karen Smitherman Johns Mobile Repair Service
Community Volunteer System 360 Diane Woods CivicCore, LLC
Floor Tile Installation Services 324 Tom Seagle Home Choice Flooring
Calculators and Accessories 361 Mike Reeves B & H Distributing Company
Floor Tile and Related Supplies 323 Tom Seagle Bonitz Flooring, Home Choice Flooring
Energy Management Control Systems 311 Karen Smitherman Knox Bradley Mechanical, Johnson Controls
Digital Archive Writing to Microfilm Services 358 Jay Garrison Image Express, Inc.
Police Interceptor Vehicles 359 Diane Woods Alexander Lincoln Mercury Ford
Internet Service Provider 362 Matt Myers ENA Services, LLC
Indoor Resilient Athletic Flooring 429 Tom Seagle Finchum Sports Floors
Diesel Engine Repair Services 428 Karen Smitherman Acts Fleet Maintenance, Tri County Auto Services
Control Simulator 385 Jay Garrison Phillips Corporation, DBA Jeffrey?s Manufacturing Solutions
Drug Testing Services 504 Mike Reeves Mobile Diagnostics, Inc.
Recycling and Reuse Services 380 Karen Smitherman Goodwill Industries, Knoxville
Childrens Activity Set 505 Jay Garrison Flaghouse, Inc.
Lovell Road at Outlet Drive Intersection Improvements 535 Karen Smitherman EC Corportion
Lift Gate Stake Bed Truck 531 Mike Reeves O.G. Hughes
Commercial Grade HVAC Installation and Repair 357 Tom Seagle Archer Air, Del Air Mechanical, Four Seasons
Hilti Tools and Equipment 386 Tom Seagle Hilti, Inc.
2011 Cargo Vans 534 Tom Seagle Alexander Lincoln Mercury Ford
Custodial Cleaning Equipment 506 Tom Seagle Kelsan, Inc.
Polycarbonate Sheets 470 Diane Woods Pacific Bulletproof Company
Web Based Transportation Demand Management System 590 Mike Reeves Survey People
Demolition Hammers and Plasma Cutter 533 Jay Garrison Integrated Solutions and Services
Public Notification System 686 Mike Reeves Reliance Communications, Inc.
Uninterruptable Power Supplies 689 Diane Woods SOS Technology Express
Network Electronics 688 Diane Woods SOS Technology Express
School Bus Video Camera System 727 Mike Reeves Angel Trax IVS, Inc.
Interactive Television Electronics 725 Diane Woods Anixter, Inc.
Traffic Flow Improvements 780 Karen Smitherman Kimley-Horn and Associates
Network Cabinetry 728 Diane Woods Anixter, Inc.
Network Construction Materials 730 Diane Woods Anixter, Inc.
Tax Payment Processing Services 766 Mike Reeves FIS Metavante PayDirect Solutions
Video Conferencing Equipment 769 Diane Woods SOS Technology Express
Asbestos Abatement Services 600 Tom Seagle NEO Corporation
Interactive Television Cabling and Construction Materials 772 Diane Woods Anixter, Inc.
Systimax Networking Materials 771 Diane Woods Anixter, Inc.
White Board Skins 568 Tom Seagle RJF International Corp., Educational Services
Sportspark Operations 777 Mike Reeves Metro Concessions
Forms Management Services 729 Jay Garrison Data Supplies, Inc.
Plumbing Services 767 Tom Seagle Fisher Plumbing, Chris Haggard Plumbing Co.
Bottled Soft Drinks 687 Diane Woods Pepsi Beverages Company
Recyclable Materials 770 Karen Smitherman PSC Metals (Scrap Metal)
Engineering Services for Millertown at Mill Road 779 Karen Smitherman Wilbur Smith Associates
New Carter Elementary School 773 Karen Smitherman Partners Development
Emergency Debris Removal 782 Jay Garrison DRC Emergency Services, LLC
Drug Abuse Testing Cups 792 Mike Reeves Redwood Toxicology Laboratories
Demolition Services 856 Tom Seagle Helton & Associates, D.H. Griffin Wrecking Company, E. Like Green Co.
Fairway Fertilizing Services 859 Mike Reeves Harrell's LLC
Doors 768 Tom Seagle M&W Products, Wm. S. Trimble
Fuel Card Services 781 Karen Smitherman Pilot Corporation
Web Based Assessment Tool 946 Mike Reeves NCS Pearson, Inc.
Reading and Writing Software 947 Mike Reeves Don Johnston, Inc.
Janitorial Services 927 Karen Smitherman Rite Way Services, Inc.
Auctioneer Services 982 Tom Seagle Powell Auction Company
West High School Reroofing 983 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing
Pickup Truck 958 Jay Garrison Reeder Chevrolet
Bearden High School Reroofing 984 Tom Seagle Mid-America Roofing
Custodial Services for Knox County Schools 956 Matt Myers SSC Service Solutions
Workers Compensation Claim Administration 957 Jay Garrison Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc.
Facility Based Work Adjustment Training (Pre-Paid) 1013 Mike Reeves Goodwill Industries, Knoxville, Inc.
Facility Based Work Adjustment Training (Utilization) 1017 Mike Reeves Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc.
Occupational Physical Therapy Services 1015 Mike Reeves Progressus Therapy
Speech Language Pathology Services 1014 Mike Reeves Progressus Therapy
GIS Application Development Services 1043 Mike Reeves Civic Engineering and Information technologies
Hot Mix Hauling and Placement 1042 Karen Smitherman The Rogers Group
Security Installation, Repair and Monitoring Services 894 Tom Seagle SimplexGrinnell
Video Surveillance System 1104 Jay Garrison Eye in the Sky, LLC
Dutchtown Road Phase Two 1083 Karen Smitherman The Rogers Group
School Coupon Book Tee Shirts 1045 Mike Reeves Promotional Designs. inc.
Bridge and Roadway Improvements Maloney Road at Flennikan Branch 1084 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc
Patrol Car Emergency Equipment 1151 Diane Woods West Chatham Warning Devices
Wall Mounted Air Conditioners 1154 Jay Garrison J & F Mechanical, Inc.
Karns Elementary School Re Roofing 1108 Tom Seagle C. M. Henley Roofing Company
Vehicle Marking 1161 Diane Woods Adverco, Inc.
Gym Floor Repair Refinish and Replacement Services 1111 Tom Seagle Finchum Sports Floors
Compactor and Receiver 1156 Karen Smitherman Big Orange Sales and Service, LLC
Green Magnet Vine Middle School Re Roof Project 1109 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Co.
Professional Auditing Services 1150 Mike Reeves Pugh and Company
Three Quarter Ton Pickup Truck 1162 Karen Smitherman Mall of Georgia Ford
Lease Financing Agreement 1155 Jay Garrison Bank of America
Boom Lift 1165 Tom Seagle United Rentals, Inc.
Midsize 4 Door Sedans 1152 Jay Garrison Country Ford
Hot Mix for Pickup 1193 Karen Smitherman Duracap Asphalt Paving, Rogers Group
Bond Counsel Services 1191 Matt Myers Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC
Third Party Billing Services 1192 Jay Garrison University Physicians' Association, Inc.
Tire Processing Services 1189 Karen Smitherman Mac's Tire Recycling, Inc.
Sportspark Concession Services 1190 Mike Reeves Metro Concessions, Inc
Financial Advisory Services 858 Mike Reeves BB&T Capital Markets, Morgan Keegan, PFM Public Financial Mgmt.
Augmentative Eyegaze Communication System 1218 Mike Reeves Tobii Assistive Technology
Outlet Drive Extension 1221 Karen Smitherman APAC-Atlantic. Inc.
Flexible Benefits Administration 1224 Mike Reeves Progressive Benefit Solutions, LLC
Dental Equipment 1153 Jay Garrison Patterson Dental
Pre Sort Mailing Services 1239 Mike Reeves Williamsburg mailing Service
Digital Video Security System and Installation Services 1219 Jay Garrison Eye in the Sky, LLC
Inmate Mattresses 1242 Diane Woods Cornerstone Institutional
Property Acquisition Services for Bridge Replacement 1240 Karen Smitherman Vaughn and Melton
Architectural and Engineering Services RFQ 1244 Matt Myers Multiple Award
Beverages for Schools 1157 Karen Smitherman Coca-Cola Refreshments
Bread for Government Agencies 1243 Jay Garrison Earthgrains d/b/a Sara Lee
Biohazard Waste Collection/Disposal 1247 Karen Smitherman Medical Waste Services, LLC
HVAC Air Filters 1241 Tom Seagle Home Filtration, Inc.
Pavement Marking Materials and Road Striping Services 1246 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Highway Supply, Inc.
School Equipment for the Visually Impaired-Assistive Technology 1196 Mike Reeves Multiple Award - Contact Buyer
Anti Smoking Billboard Advertisements 1248 Jay Garrison Lamar Companies
Printing Services for Election Commission 1249 Mike Reeves McQuiddy Classic Printing Company
Pedometers 1258 Jay Garrison Globe Electric
Beaver Creek Road Improvement 1250 Jay Garrison APAC Atlantic, Inc.
Kitchen Hood Exhaust and Fire Suppression Inspection 469 Karen Smitherman Life Safety Inspections, LLC
Green Waste Disposal Services 1257 Karen Smitherman Knox Ag, Inc., Nature's Best Organics, LLC
Car Sharing Services 1261 Mike Reeves Zip Car
Water Treatment Chemicals 1197 Tom Seagle Hydro Tech, Inc.
Remodeling PleasanTree Apartments 1265 Jay Garrison ABC Weatherization
Voice Over IP System 1267 Matt Myers Black Box Network Systems
Desktop 3D Printer 1264 Jay Garrison Learning Labs, Inc.
Taser Weapons 1271 Diane Woods Gulf States Distributors
Pickup Truck 1269 Mike Reeves Country Ford
Security Equipment for KCSO 1259 Jay Garrison Advanced Covert Technology, Inc.
Tire Management Services 1268 Karen Smitherman Liberty Tire Recycling
Inmate Radios 1272 Diane Woods Keefe Group
Fork Lift 1270 Karen Smitherman Doosan Deawoo Lift Trucks
Radiological Picture Archiving System 1274 Matt Myers Volunteer Xray, Inc.
Access Control Card Reader System 1273 Matt Myers Cancelled
Dump Trucks 1276 Karen Smitherman Worldwide Equipment, Inc
Detective Sedans 1299 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Black Road Single Phase UPS Replacement 1279 Jay Garrison Massey Construction, Inc.
Sharps Ridge Three Phase UPS Replacement 1278 Jay Garrison Massey Construction, Inc.
Uniform Services 1304 Mike Reeves Aramark Uniform Services, Unifirst Corp.
Inmate Textiles 1283 Diane Woods Acme Supply Co LTD
Batteries 1277 Tom Seagle Batteries Plus, Battle and Battle Distributors
Pest Control Services 1281 Tom Seagle Dodson's Pest Control
CCTV Maintenance and Equipment 1317 Mike Reeves Audio Visual Communications
Childrens Activity Set With Curriculum 1302 Jay Garrison Flaghouse, Inc.
Hygiene Products 1303 Tom Seagle Mulitple Award
Inmate Tennis Shoes 1275 Diane Woods Goldwater Industries
2012 Sedans 1318 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Reach In Freezers 1319 Diane Woods C C Dickson Company
Commercial Grade Mowers 1338 Mike Reeves Mayo Garden Centers
Used Fairway Mowers 1337 Mike Reeves Smith Turf & Irrigation
Facility Recycling Services 1320 Karen Smitherman Shred-It, Waste Wanagement
New Southwest Elementary School 1321 Karen Smitherman Rouse Construction, Inc.
Worker's Compensation Coverage for E-911 1280 Jay Garrison Consolidated Insurance, Inc.
Heavy Equipment Parts and Repair 1341 Karen Smitherman COntractor's Machinery, D & M Distributing, Ritchie Tractor, Water's Equipment
Concrete Work 1342 Karen Smitherman Shelton General Contractors, Southern Constructors
Seeds and Fertilizer 1348 Matt Myers Knoxville Seed and Greenhouse Supply
Computer Aided Dispatch System 1301 Jay Garrison Intergraph Corporation
iPAD Protective Cases 1350 Diane Woods Max Interactive, Inc.
Produce for Government 1358 Jay Garrison Sysco Knoxville
Meat for Government 1595 Jay Garrison Reinhart Foodservice
School Bus Communication Equipment 1356 Mike Reeves Synovia, Inc.
Roll Paper Towels and Dispensers 1357 Mike Reeves Kelsan, Inc.
Head Start Janitorial Services 1360 Matt Myers American Facility Services, Knox Blount Maintenance
Termite Control Services 1352 Tom Seagle Russell's Pest Control
Loan Servicing for Community Development 1349 Jay Garrison FAHE
Mowing Services 1362 Mike Reeves Lasting Impressions Lawncare
Track Resurfacing and Restripping Services 1353 Tom Seagle Baseline Sports Construction
Bus Washing System 1364 Matt Myers Bitimec, Inc.
Officer Uniforms and Accessories 1340 Diane Woods Craig's Firearm Supply, Galls, Inc., Kay Uniforms
Extended Cab Pickup Truck 1354 Mike Reeves Country Ford, Inc.
Mowing Services for Knox County Schools 1363 Tom Seagle Avalawn, B&B Lawn Services, Grassworks, McMillan Services, Tri County Mowing, Westscapes
Mobile Meals Automated Software Solution 1366 Matt Myers Accessible Solutions, Inc.
Passenger Minivan 1367 Matt Myers Cardinal Chrsyler, Jeep, Dodge
School Volunteer Verification System 1368 Mike Reeves HireRight, Inc.
Food and Non Food for Government 1370 Jay Garrison Reinhart Foodservice
Telemedicine Peripherals 1395 Diane Woods Interactive Solutions, Inc.
Sale and Redevelopment of Oakwood Elementary School 1372 Tom Seagle Family Pride Corporation
Reverse Auction for Trucks 1365 Tom Seagle Country Ford, Inc.
Pickup Truck 1377 Karen Smitherman Country Ford
Installation Service for Structured Cable Networking and other Low Voltage 1392 Diane Woods Digital Connections, Inc.
Plumbing Supplies 1375 Tom Seagle Kenny Pipe and Supply
School Playground Equipment 1374 Mike Reeves Kidz Zone Play Systems
12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries 1401 Mike Reeves Master Battery, LLC
School Science Equipment 1393 Mike Reeves Sargent Welch
Interpreter and Translator Services 1396 Mike Reeves Foreign Language Academy
Fulton High School Football Stadium 1400 Matt Myers K & F Construction, Inc.
Printing Systems and Supplies 1394 Mike Reeves Presentation Solutions, Inc.
Produce for Knox County Schools Food and Nutrition Dept 1437 Jay Garrison T & T Produce
Carpet Tile Installation Services 1447 Tom Seagle Home Choice Flooring
Student Assistance Counseling Support 1418 Mike Reeves Helen Ross McNabb Center
Indigent Primary Care Services 1449 Jay Garrison Cherokee Health Systems
Diapers, Pullups and Wipes 1402 Donnie Fawver Supreme Medical Fulfillment
Fire Alarm Installation and Repair Services 1440 Tom Seagle Gallaher and Associates, SimplexGrinnell
Intercom Installation and Repair Services 1439 Tom Seagle Gallaher and Associates
Fairway Fertilizing Services 1453 Mike Reeves Harrell's, Inc.
Cargo Vans with Prisoner Transport Systems 1455 Diane Woods GM of Murfreesboro
Air Mask 1450 Jay Garrison Midsouth Bus Center, Inc.
Mid Size Four Door Sedan 1419 Jay Garrison Rainbow Ford
Mowing for Knox County Schools 1478 Tom Seagle Aquatic Dreams, Lasting Impressins Lawn care
KCS Workers Compensation Claims Administration 1452 Mike Reeves Cancelled
Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Media Campaign 1454 Jay Garrison Kelly Fletcher PR, LLC
HVAC Electric Motor Repair Services 1446 Tom Seagle Industrial Service Electric Company
Used Oil and Hydrocarbon Collection Services 1458 Karen Smitherman FCC Environmental
Kitchen Equipment Maintenance and Repair 1470 Jay Garrison Premier Food Equipment
Automobile and Truck Replacement Parts 1472 Karen Smitherman NAPA Auto Parts, O?Reilly Auto Parts, Carquest Auto Parts
CAC Milk Deliveries 2012 1476 Jay Garrison Flav O Rich
Precast Box Culverts 1483 Karen Smitherman C R Barger and Sons, Inc.
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing 1484 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group
Broadcast Rights for KCS School Events 1485 Mike Reeves Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation, Pacman Sports
Mobile Solutions 1481 Jay Garrison Sprint, U S Cellular
Community Partnership for Health Services and Treatment Management 1473 Mike Reeves University of Tennessee
Community Partnership for Mental Health and Treatment Management 1474 Mike Reeves Helen Ross McNabb Center
Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services 1441 Tom Seagle Rhyne Vacuum
Tire Service Truck 1488 Karen Smitherman GM of Murfreesboro
Three Phase UPS Replacement 1489 Mike Reeves Massey Construction, Inc.
Rolloff and Three Quarter Ton Trucks 1490 Tom Seagle Country Ford, Worldwide Equipment
Garbage Bags 1493 Mike Reeves Southeastern Paper Group
Storage and Waste Containers 1448 Tom Seagle Bakers Waste Equipment
Firewall VPN Hardware and Software Upgrade 1492 Mike Reeves SDGblue, LLC
Equipment Rental Services 1497 Karen Smitherman APAC Atlantic, Neff Rental, Stowers Machinery
Employee Vision Benefit Services 1500 Matt Myers EyeMed Vision Care, LLC
Pharmacy Benefit Management Services 1501 Matt Myers CareMark CVS, LLC
Sedan 1504 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Real Estate Appraisal Services 1507 Tom Seagle Multiple Award
Wireless Duress System 1505 Diane Woods Interactive Systems
Campbell Station Road Bridge Replacement 1509 Karen Smitherman Twin K Construction
Self Insured Administration Services 1508 Matt Myers Humana, Inc.
Microfilm Viewer and Scanner 1498 Donnie Fawver Document Storage Solutions
Macroinvertebrate Stream Surveys 1495 Karen Smitherman Environmental Services and Consulting
Insurance Brokerage Services 1517 Matt Myers Arhtur Gallagher Risk Management Services
Transit Connect Premium Wagon 1512 Jay Garrison Ted Russell Ford
Influenza Vaccination for KCS Administration 1513 Mike Reeves Rite Aid Pharmacy
Copier Rental 1510 Diane Woods AOS; Thermocopy; MSA; NovaCopy; Oce; PTS;
Computer and Electronic Equipment 1511 Janice Orr Multiple Award
County Clerk Software Services 1514 Mike Reeves Business Information Systems
Relocation of Farlow Drive 1516 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Excavating
Carter Middle School Gymnasium 1515 Tom Seagle Merit Construction, Inc.
Sidewalk Project at Beaver Ridge Road 1519 Karen Smitherman Design and Construction Services, LLC
Command Center 1491 Jay Garrison Nomad Global Communications
Blinds Shades and Supplies 1523 Tom Seagle Window COvering Distributors and Shades, Inc.
Right of Way Acquisition Services 1526 Karen Smitherman The Miller Co., Butler Appraisal Group, LLC; Vaughn & Melton
Fencing Services and Supplies 1522 Tom Seagle Stanley Fencing
Floor Buffing Pads 1528 Mike Reeves Kelsan, Inc.
Forms Management Services 1524 Mike Reeves Data Supplies Inc.
Destination Marketing and Event Management Services 1527 Matt Myers Visit Knoxville, LLC
Banking Services 1503 Mike Reeves Branch Bank and Trust (BB&T)
Four Door Hybrid Sedans 1538 Mike Reeves Toyota of Cleveland
Safety Shoes 1541 Mike Reeves Red Wing Shoe Store
Website Design Development and Hosting 1539 Diane Woods Graphic-FX
Active Shooter Seminar 1540 Jay Garrison Holston Internatinal Training and Consultant
Mobile Repeaters 1535 Jay Garrison Professional Services Communication, Inc.
Radar Guns 1548 Ben Sharbel Mountain View Ford
Pumping of Grease Traps 1533 Jay Garrison Kington Sewer Septic Drain Cleaning
Midsize 4 Door Sedans 1543 Donnie Fawver Ted Russell Ford
Janitorial Services for Head Start Centers 1545 Mike Reeves Coverall of East TN, Knox Blount Maintenance, Serve Rite Facility Srvcs
Patrol Watercraft 1502 Diane Woods Brunswick Corporation
Service Truck 1544 Karen Smitherman Country Ford, Inc.
Landscaping Services 1547 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Erosion Control
Biohazard Waste Collection and Disposal 1549 Karen Smitherman Stericycle, Inc.
Commercial Grade Zero Turn Mowers 1552 Mike Reeves Mayo Garden Center
Emergency Medical Services 1542 Matt Myers Rural/Metro of Tennessee, L.P.
Stop Loss Insurance 1555 Matt Myers HM Insurance Group
Student Management Information System 1556 Mike Reeves Follett Software Company
Ambient Air Monitoring Shelter 1550 Donnie Fawver Consolidated Analytical Systems
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus 1553 Jay Garrison Municipal Emergency Services
Defined Services for Senior Transportation 1575 Mike Reeves Knoxville Knox County Community Action Committee
Transit Connect Premium Wagon 1559 Donnie Fawver Country Ford, Inc.
Hazardous and Universal Waste Recycling Services 1564 Tom Seagle Air Cycle Corp., Spectra Environmental Services
CAC Plumbing Services 1572 Mike Reeves Lyon Plumbing Services, Paul Hayes Plumbing
Sign Posts 1578 Karen Smitherman Xcessories Squared
Transmission Rebuild and Repair 1577 Karen Smitherman Economy Transmissions; Budget Transmissions
General and Miscellaneous Construction Services 1563 Tom Seagle K & F Construction, Inc., Shelton General Contractors, Skilled Services, Stooksbury Construction
Snow Plows 1571 Karen Smitherman No Award-Bid Cancelled
Dishwasher 1531 Ben Sharbel KaTom Restaurant Equipment
Command Center 1584 Jay Garrison Nomad Global Communications
Bituminous Paver 1546 Karen Smitherman ASC Construction Equipment USA, Inc
Kiln, Vent and Furniture Kit 1579 Jay Garrison Olympic Kiln
Roof Replacement for West Valley Middle School 1580 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing
Keys Locks and Locking Systems 1562 Tom Seagle F.M. George Lock and Safe, Wm. S. Trimble Company
Belle Morris Elementary School Addition 1585 Tom Seagle K & F Construction, Inc.
Property for Affordable Housing Partners 1588 Ben Sharbel Knoxville Habitat for Humanity
Seeds and Fertilizer 1589 Mike Reeves Knoxville Seed and Greenhouse Supply
CAC Senior Directory 1594 Mike Reeves Walton Press, Inc.
Library Security System Monitoring 1596 Jay Garrison Gallaher & Associates
Ford OEM Parts 1597 Karen Smitherman Gillie Hyde Ford Lincoln, Ted Russell Ford, Ken Smith Auto Parts
Car Washing Services 1598 Karen Smitherman Volunteer Auto Wash, Inc.
Dental Software Systems 1569 Donnie Fawver Henry Schein Dental Solutions
Cost Allocation Services 1593 Mike Reeves Sequotah Consulting Group
Programmable Robot and Curriculum 1590 Jay Garrison Southern Science Solutions
School Volunteer Verification System 1601 Mike Reeves Employment Screeing Services
Brown Textiles 1600 Diane Woods Bob Barker/Charm-Tex
Reroof Bonny Kate and Sequoyah Elementary Schools 1591 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Co.
Traffic Signal Maintenance and Service 1606 Karen Smitherman Progression Electric, LLC
Heavy Machinery Tires 1607 Karen Smitherman American Tire Distributors, GCR Tire Center, Tire Center of Knoxville
Lighting Security Cameras and Alarms 1604 Jay Garrison Safe T Systems
Structural Floor Panels 1530 Ben Sharbel Hicks and Ingle Corporation
Community Schools Program Services 1610 Mike Reeves The Great Schools Partnership
Electrical Supplies 1561 Tom Seagle Graybar, Kendall Electric, Customer Service Electric
Lease Financing Agreement Phase IIIB 1587 Karen Smitherman SunTrust Equipment Finance & Leasing
Legal Counsel Services 1609 Matt Myers Multiple Award
Gresham Middle School Reroofing 1592 Tom Seagle Henley Roofing Co.
CAC FEMA Food 2013 1617 Jay Garrison Galot, Inc.
Ammunition 1608 Diane Woods Craig's Firearms Supply; Lawman's & Shooters Supply
Side Mowers and Tractors 1613 Karen Smitherman Cancelled
Heat Seal Machine Trays and Film 1614 Jay Garrison Southeastern Paper Group
After School Care Program Services 1616 Mike Reeves Multiple Award
2013 Pickup Trucks 1612 Karen Smitherman Ted Russell Ford
Surveying Services 2013 1622 Tom Seagle Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, Cannon, Roth Land Surveying, Vaughn & Melton
Passenger Bus 1619 Mike Reeves Diamond State Bus Company
Defined Services for Nonprofit Agencies 1623 Ben Sharbel Multiple Awards
Smallwares 1620 Melissa Vanover KaTom Restaurant Equipment
Intersection Improvements Northshore Drive and Bob Kirby Rd 1625 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Cooling Tower Replacement 1603 Jay Garrison Del Air Mechanical
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 1630 Jay Garrison Borden Dairy Company
Corporate Gym Membership Services 1628 Mike Reeves National Fitness/Court South, YMCA of East TN
Chilhowee Intermediate School Renovations 1599 Tom Seagle K & F Construction
Serving Line Equipment 1621 Jay Garrison Katom Restaurant Equipment
Fairway Fertilizing Services 1633 Mike Reeves Harrell's, LLC
Food Service Vendors for Concert Series 1627 Melissa Vanover Blue Coast Burrito
Cafeteria Seating 1634 Tom Seagle Interior Elements, LLC
Educators Collaborative Conferencing Facilitator 1632 Mike Reeves COllaborative Communications Practices, LLC
Collection Services 1624 Karen Smitherman Municipal Services Bureau
Side Mower Tractors 1645 1645 Karen Smitherman Dickson County Equipment
Commissary Hard candy 1635 Melissa Vanover Keefe Group, Union Supply Company
Excavation Services 1637 Tom Seagle Duracap Asphalt Paving, Stooksbury Construction
Contract Audit of Security Systems 1641 Matt Myers Elert & Associates Networking Division
School Science Lab Equipment 1618 Diane Woods Fisher Science Education
Millwork at Carter Elementary School 1636 Diane Woods Valore, LLC
Transporting of Voting Machines 1639 Mike Reeves Knox Distribution, Inc.
Pickup Truck 1642 Mike Reeves Ford of Murfreesboro
Library Furniture and Accessories 1643 Mike Reeves School and Office Supply
Printing Services 1644 Jay Garrison Staples advantage, United Printers, Universal Forms and Systems
Animal Control Truck 1646 Diane Woods Ted Russell Ford/Isuzu
Super Duty Pickup Truck 1647 Diane Woods Beaty Chevrolet
Motorcycles 1684 Matt Myers Cancelled
Canine Pest Detection Services 1648 Jay Garrison Dog Inspectors, LLC
Hot Mix Hauling, Placement, Sidewalk and Curbing 1649 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Stadium Renovations for South Doyle Middle 1683 Tom Seagle Volunteer Restorations
Learning Management System 1685 Mike Reeves Instructure, Inc.
Bridge Replacement Dave Smith Road 1713 Matt Myers Twin K Construction
Ice Cream for Schools 1650 Jay Garrison Mayfield Dairy, Inc.
Brokerage and Consulting Services 1690 Mike Reeves Trinity Benefit Advisors
Window Washing Services 1689 Karen Smitherman Blind Genie
Litter Educational and Prevention Services 1688 Karen Smitherman Keep Knoxville Beautiful
Automatic Vehicle and Asset Location Services 1687 Karen Smitherman Actsoft, Inc.
X-Ray Scanner 1691 Donnie Fawver Control Screening
COBRA Administrative Services 1708 Matt Myers ASI COBRA, LLC.
Student Athletic Accident Insurance 1640 Jay Garrison Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management
Fire Protection System Maintenance 1692 Ben Sharbel SimplexGrinnell
Project Based Learning, Training and Certifications Services 1712 Mike Reeves Buck Institute of Education
Medical Billing Management Services 1711 Mike Reeves Public Consulting Group
HVAC Parts and Supplies 1743 Tom Seagle Multiple Award
Smart Board Equipment 1744 Janice Orr Xerox Audio Visual
Accounts Payable Audit and Recovery Services 1742 Mike Reeves Professional Auditing Services of America
Nutritional Drinks 1747 Donnie Fawver Metropolitan Home Health Products
Sedans 1766 Jay Garrison GM of Murfreesboro
Promethean Board Equipment 1753 Janice Orr Personal Computer Systems, Inc.
Office Filing Systems and Accessories 1756 Mike Reeves Business Systems and Consultants, TAB Office Environment
Pre-Cast Box Culverts 1757 Karen Smitherman Sherman Dixie Concrete
General Medical Supplies 1760 Donnie Fawver Henry Schein, Inc., Midwest Medical
Centralized Library Management System 1755 Mike Reeves Book Systems, Inc.
Dental Supplies 1763 Donnie Fawver Patterson Dental
Environmental Review Services 1709 Jay Garrison Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc., Quantum Environmental & Engineering, LLC
School Vision Services 1762 Mike Reeves EyeMed Vision Care, LLC
Group Dental Plan Administration 1761 Mike Reeves Delta Dental of Tennessee
Dry Bulk Food Items 1768 Jay Garrison Heartland Food Products
Shannondale Elementary Addition and Renovations 1765 Tom Seagle K & F Construction, Inc.
Walk In Refrigerators and Freezers 1780 Jay Garrison Strategic Equipment, Inc.
Digital Two Way Radio Systems 1767 Mike Reeves Metro Communications
Body Scanning System 1781 Diane Woods Cancelled
Cost Allocation Services for KGIS 1801 Marra McGinley Sequoia Consulting Group
Commissary Soups 1784 Ben Sharbel Keefe Group
Sale and Redevelopment of Historic Knoxville High 1778 Ben Sharbel Southeastern Housing Foundation/Family Pride Corp.
Concrete 1774 Melissa Vanover APAC Atlantic, Ready Mix
Inmate Underwear 1790 Ben Sharbel Bob Barker, Carolina Textiles, Charm-Tex, Uniforms Manufacturing
Emergency Mass Notification System 1788 Jay Garrison Federal Signal Safety and Security Systems
School Instructional Supplies 1785 Mike Reeves Multiple Vendor Award
Pickup Truck 1782 Mike Reeves Golden Circle Ford
Sport Utility Vehicle 1783 Mike Reeves TT of Columbia
West Beaver Creek Clinton Hwy Improvements 1789 Karen Smitherman Duracap Asphalt Paving, Stooksbury Construction
Shooting Range Maintenance 1786 Marra McGinley Best Technology Systems, Inc.
Flexible Benefit Account and HRA Services 1805 Mike Reeves Total Administrative Services Corp.
WC Claims Management Software System 1793 Matt Myers Origami Risk, LLC
Medical Bill Review Services 1794 Matt Myers Rising Medical Solutions, Inc.
Physical Medical Management and Referral Services 1795 Matt Myers Align Networks
Sale of Property for Affordable Housing 1792 Ben Sharbel Neighborhood Housing, Inc.
Heat Seal Machine 1791 Jay Garrison Southeastern Paper Group
Bridge and Guardrail Repair 1809 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Pickup Trucks 1796 Mike Reeves Sam Swope Auto Group
Pest Control Services 1804 Donnie Fawver Russell's Pest Control, Terminix Company
Medical Treatment Carts 1802 Marra McGinley A - Z Office Resources
Acoustical Ceiling and Installation Services 1803 Tom Seagle Skilled Services, United Acoustical Company
Handguns 1806 Melissa Vanover Craig's Firearm Supply
Body Armor 1787 Diane Woods Craig's Firearm Supply, Inc
Paving Services 2013 1810 Tom Seagle Duracap Asphalt Paving, Stooksbury Construction
STEM Software 1807 Jay Garrison WhiteBox Learning, LLC
Traffic Control Equipment 1797 Karen Smitherman G&C Supply Co., Saf-T Enterprises, Vulcan Signs
Commissary Snacks 1813 Melissa Vanover Jordan Distributing, Keefe Group, Union Supply Group
Body Shop Painting and Repair Services 1811 Tom Seagle Joe Neubert Collision Repair, Melton Collision Center
Simplex Fire Alarm and Clock Repair Services 1776 Tom Seagle SimplexGrinnell
Tires 1798 Karen Smitherman American Tire DIstributors, Truck Tire Center of Knoxville, Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems
Wireless Clock Systems 1815 Tom Seagle Gallaher & Associates
Bathroom Partitions 1772 Melissa Vanover Tri State Overhead Door Service, LLC
Computer Aided Design Software 1820 Jay Garrison Technical Training Aids
Ambient Air Monitoring Shelter 1819 Donnie Fawver COnsolidated Analytical Systems
Police Pursuit Sedans 1832 Diane Woods TT of Columbia
Consulting Services 1836 Donnie Fawver Sword and Shield
Carpet Cleaning Services 1838 Tom Seagle DPM Enterprises, Inc.
Electronic Content Management System 1837 Jay Garrison DataBank
HVAC Air Filters 1860 Tom Seagle AFD Industrial Filters
Video Surveillance System 1842 Tom Seagle Systems Integrations, Inc.
3/4 Ton Trucks 1835 Marra McGinley Ford of Murfreesboro
CTE Magnet High School Renovations 1843 Tom Seagle K & F Construction, Inc.
Behavior Risk Surveillance Survey 1857 Donnie Fawver University of Tennessee CARE
Used Greens Mower 1859 Mike Reeves Smith Turf & Irrigation
KCS Content Management System 1858 Mike Reeves Schoolwires, Inc.
Helicopter Parts and Service 1863 Ben Sharbel Summit Helicopters, Inc.
Guardrail Services 1862 Karen Smitherman Highway Marking, Inc., Tennessee Guardrail, Inc.
General Motors OEM Parts 1864 Karen Smitherman Ken Smith auto Parts, Reeder Chevrolet
Walker Springs Road Repair 1904 Matt Myers Hayward Baker, Inc.
Hazmat Wireless Video Camera 1879 Ben Sharbel Federal Resources Supply Co.
CAC Newsletter Printing and Mailing 1876 Marra McGinley Walton Press, Inc.
Preventative Maintenance of UPS Units 1877 Jay Garrison 24/7 Technology, Inc.
Concrete Work and Repairs 1890 Karen Smitherman Shelton General Contractors, Southern Constructors
Police Service Dogs 1910 Diane Woods Custom Canine Unlimited, Lakeview K9 Academy
Steel Fabrication 1878 Mike Reeves Towe Iron Works
Vehicle Graphics 1909 Diane Woods Jim McMichael Signs
Rotary Boom Mower Attachment 1906 Matt Myers Dickson County Equipment
Golf Course Chemicals and Fertilizer 1907 Mike Reeves Harrell's, LLC, John Deere Landscapes, UAP Products
Jail Security System Upgrade 1902 Matt Myers Black Creek Integrated Systems
Backflow Inspection, Repair and Installation Services 1844 Tom Seagle Backflow Specialty Company
Austin East Magnet High School Stadium Renovations 1905 Tom Seagle K & F Construction, Inc.
Mowing and General Grounds Maintenance 1916 Jay Garrison Lasting Impressions Lawn Care
Golf Course Sand 1915 Mike Reeves Short Mountain Silica
Medical Waste and Disposal Services 1908 Melissa Vanover MedSafe Waste, LLC
CAC Miscellaneous Construction Services 1920 Marra McGinley ABC Construction, Inc.
Nurse Case Managemet Services 1917 Matt Myers M. Salerno & Associates
Workers Compensation Ancillary Services 1918 Matt Myers One Call Care Management
Livescan and Mugshot System 1816 Diane Woods Dataworks Plus, LLC
Environmental Stewardship Program 1922 Matt Myers Outdoor Design Professional Services, Volunteer Erosion Control, Inc,
Electronic Message Board 1840 Diane Woods Signco, Inc.
Mowing Services for Knox County Parks 1921 Mike Reeves B&D Lawn Care and Landscaping
Web Based Assessment and Monitoring 1923 Mike Reeves NCS Pearson, Inc., Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Frame and Body Alignment Services 1924 Karen Smitherman Courtesy Body Works / Fred's Alignment & Service
Wide Area Radio System 1914 Jay Garrison Harris Corporation
CAC Plumbing Services 1925 Marra McGinley ABC Weatherization, Paul Hayes Plumbing
CAC FEMA Food 2014 1936 Jay Garrison Galot, Inc.
Grey Hendrix Road Intersection Improvement 1935 Matt Myers Duracap Asphalt Paving Company
XRF Analyzer for CAC 1926 Marra McGinley 1 Point Procurement Solutions, LLC
Kitchen Hood Cleaning 1927 Jay Garrison Hoodz of Greater Knoxville
Lease Financing Agreement for Phase IIIC 1932 Karen Smitherman Banc of America - Public Capital Corp.
Mop Heads 1931 Melissa Vanover Xpedx
Snow Plows 1949 Karen Smitherman B & H Sales
Historic Kate Miller House 1952 Ben Sharbel Albert Harb
Long Distance Service 1950 Janice Orr AT&T
Local Telecommunication Services 1948 Diane Woods AT&T; Windstream; TDS Telecom
Digital Transmission Service 1951 Janice Orr AT&T, Inc, Windstream Corporation
Milk for Government 1953 Jay Garrison Borden Dairy
CAC Summer Milk Delivery 1967 Jay Garrison Borden's Dairy
Child Restraint Seats 1963 Donnie Fawver Evenflo Company, Inc.
Commercial Boiler Repair and Installation Services 1966 Tom Seagle Precision Boiler Repair and Welding
Point of Sale System for School Nutrition 1933 Jay Garrison Meals Plus
Office Furniture 1969 Melissa Vanover A & W Supply, LLC
Outdoor Wood Block Playset 1965 Jay Garrison Community Playthings, Inc.
Surplus Book Removal Services 1974 Marra McGinley Textbook Warehouse
Mowing Services KCS 1985 Tom Seagle Green Source Lawn and Landscaping, McMillan Services
Commodity Processing 1928 Jay Garrison Multiple Award
Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Repair Services 1971 Tom Seagle Tennessee Automatic Sprinkler, Inc.
Right of Way and Acquisition Qualifications 1973 Matt Myers Dunn & Metz, RES, LLC., The Miller Group
Generator Maintenance and Repair Services 1972 Tom Seagle Certified Generator Service
New Karns Senior Center 1979 Karen Smitherman Natural resource Management, LLC
Traffic Sign Assessment 1982 Matt Myers 3M Traffic Safety Division
Visually Impaired Braille Equipment 1984 Mike Reeves Humanware, Inc
Full Body Scanner 1983 Diane Woods OD Security North America
Radar Guns 1968 Diane Woods MPH Industries
Vehicle Body Shop and Repair Services 1981 Diane Woods Dalton Collision; Malibu Collision; CR Melton Enterprises; Jim McMichael Signs
Pathology Laboratory Services 1986 Donnie Fawver KDL Pathology
Mechanical Repairs for Inmate Transport Bus 1976 Diane Woods Acts Fleet Maintenance
Air Quality Laboratory Services 1988 Donnie Fawver Inter-Mountain Laboratories
Professional IT Monitoring Services 1990 Donnie Fawver SWord and Shield Enterprise
Entertainment Vendors 1991 Diane Woods Multiple Award
Food Vendors 1992 Diane Woods Hawg Dawg's; Big Daddy's Sugar Shack
Solar Solutions Services 1975 Karen Smitherman Ameresco
Web Based Professional Learning Management System 1989 Mike Reeves Randa Solutions
Conservation Seeding Project 1993 Matt Myers B and B Lawncare, Inc.
Forensic Laboratory Equipment 1996 Donnie Fawver Moretech Manufacturing, Inc.
Single Axle Dump Truck 1994 Tom Seagle Worldwide Equipment
Video Capture and Storge System 2013 Matt Myers Taser International, Inc.
Fairway Fertilizing Services 2006 Mike Reeves Harrell's Inc.
School Activity Fund Accounting Software 2007 Melissa Vanover TRA, Inc.
Hot Mix Hauling Placement Sidewalk and Curbing FY15 2003 Karen Smitherman APAC Atlantic, Inc.
Three Quarter Ton Pickup Trucks 2004 Karen Smitherman FOrd of Mirfreesboro, Ted Russell Ford
Drug Testing and Criminal Background Services 2008 Mike Reeves Employment Screening Services, NetGain/Mobile Diagnostics
Waste Collection Services 2009 Karen Smitherman Waste Management
Golf Cart Lease Program 2005 Mike Reeves ClubCar, Inc.
Seizure Lot 2010 Diane Woods Cancelled
Professional Toxicology Services 1999 Donnie Fawver NMS Labs
SIngle Axle Dump Truck(s) 2011 Jay Garrison Worldwide Equipment
X-Ray Equipment 1997 Donnie Fawver OEC Medical Systems
Touchscreen Control System 1998 Diane Woods Black Creek Integrated Systems
Fire Alarm Inspection and Repair Services 2021 Tom Seagle Gallaher & Associates
Birch Plywood 1978 Tom Seagle Meyer Decorative Surfaces
Sport Utility Vehicle 2028 Mike Reeves TT of Columbia
Electrical Repair and Installation Services 1977 Tom Seagle CN Copeland, Precision Electric, Sun Electric
Intersection Improvements for Mabry Hood and Dutchtown Road 2026 Matt Myers Rogers Group, Inc.
Recycled Material Recovery Services 2012 Karen Smitherman RockTenn Recycling
Construction Engineering Inspection Services 2030 Matt Myers AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
Property Assessor Business Program 2031 Ben Sharbel Tax Management Associates
Microscopes 2029 Donnie Fawver Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Conner Road Bridge Replacement 2025 Matt Myers Charles Blalock and Sons
Firewall Security Platform 2027 Melissa Vanover Cadre5, LLC
Metal and Plastic Pipe 2024 Karen Smitherman Superior Drainage Products, Inc.
Seizure Lot 2033 Diane Woods Chestnut Street Recovery and Transport, Inc
Lakefront Drive Roadway Stabilization 2034 Matt Myers Agate Foundations and Piering, Inc.
Sale and Redevelopment of Giffin Elementary School 2035 Ben Sharbel Dewhirst Properties
Construction and Renovation Services 2032 Ben Sharbel Mike Stevens Homes, Inc.
Tree Trimming and Removal Services 2037 Karen Smitherman Top Notch Tree Care, LLC / Wolf Tree, Inc.
Emergency Debris Removal 2039 Jay Garrison Gulf Equipment dba Crowder Gulf, Phillips and Jordan, Inc.
Dry Bulk Food Items 2047 Jay Garrison America's Best, Inc.
HUD Consultant 2046 Ben Sharbel TDA Consulting, Inc.
Marketing and Consulting Services 2050 Marra McGinley Alliance to Save Energy
Ammunition 2040 Diane Woods Craig's Firearm Supply and Gulf State Distributors
Commissary Candy 2041 Diane Woods Vistar/Liberty Distribution LLC
Helicopter Liability Insurance 2045 Jay Garrison Arthur J. Gallagher
Alcohol Monitoring and Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring Services 2043 Diane Woods Premier Integrity Solutions; Tennessee Recovery and Monitoring
Intersection Improvements and Site Development for the Karns Convenience Ce 2048 Karen Smitherman Whaley & Sons
Animal Control Trucks 2044 Diane Woods Golden Circle Ford Lincoln
Assessment of Demand for Middle School Facilities 2055 Mike Reeves Brailsford & Dunlavey, Inc.
Athletic Lighting and Electrical Repair Services 2053 Tom Seagle McGaha Electric Company, Inc.
Portable Toilet Rental Services 2058 Mike Reeves East Tennessee Portables, LLC
Bituminous Paver 2049 Karen Smitherman Stowers Industrial Power
X-Ray Equipment 2061 Donnie Fawver Henry Schein, Inc.
Battery Collection Services 2059 Karen Smitherman Master Battery, LLC
Welding Equipment 2062 Jay Garrison Holston Gases
Tennis Court Services 2065 Tom Seagle Baseline Sports, LLC.
Beverages for Schools 2063 Jay Garrison Coca-Cola Refreshments USA
Rotary Boom Mower Attachment 2066 Karen Smitherman Dickson County Equipment
Dental Pharmacy Services 2069 Donnie Fawver CHerokee Health Systems
Professional Engineering and Consulting Services 2067 Matt Myers Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc.
Mooreland Heights Elementary School Addition and Renovation 2073 Tom Seagle Custom Crafted Construction, LLC
Architectural and Engineering Services 2076 Ben Sharbel McCarty Holsaple McCarty
Inmate Footwear 2078 Diane Woods Goldwater Industries
Industrial Lubricants 2072 Karen Smitherman Hunter Oil Company, Ken Smith Auto Parts
Electric Salt Spreaders 2074 Karen Smitherman B & H Sales
Inmate Uniforms 2077 Diane Woods Bob Barker Company
Solid Waste and Recycling Waste Equipment 2075 Karen Smitherman Bakers Waste Equipment
Seventeen Passenger Bus 2083 Jay Garrison Alliance Bus Group, Inc.
Records Storage Shelving and Accessories 2082 Mike Reeves Strictly Storage, LLC
Remanufactured Ammunition 2080 Diane Woods Bid Cancelled-No Award
Beverage Services for Three Ridges Golf Course 2084 Mike Reeves Coca-Cola Refreshments USA
Welding Booths 2086 Jay Garrison RoboVent Solutions Group
Nutritional Products 2079 Diane Woods Good Source Solutions
Forklift 2087 Tom Seagle The Bailey Company
Towing Services 2088 Karen Smitherman Cedar Bluff Towing, Inc.; Chestnut Street Transport and Recovery, Inc.; Sutherland Avenue Wrecker Service, Inc.
Carpet Tiles and Renewed Carpet Tiles 2089 Tom Seagle DPM Enterprises, Mannington Commercial, Mohawk Carpet Distribution
Promotional Items 2091 Donnie Fawver Kenesaw, Staples, Universal Group
Tax Consulting Services 2092 Mike Reeves Situs Tax Consultants
Printing of Senior Directory 2095 Marra McGinley Global Databooks
Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping 2057 Karen Smitherman GRW Engineers, Inc.
Human Resources and Payroll Information System 2096 Mike Reeves Tyler Technologies, Inc.
Golf Course Irrigation and Sprinkler System 2097 Mike Reeves John Bouchard and Sons Company
Concrete Work 2099 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc
Precast Concrete and Cast Iron Grates 2098 Karen Smitherman Sherman Dixie Concrete Ind., Inc.
Tax Processing Solution 2105 Ben Sharbel County Record Services, Inc.
Vehicle Exhaust Removal System 2107 Jay Garrison Clean Air Concepts
Printing of Knox County Schools Coupon Book 2106 Mike Reeves Walsworth Publishing, Inc.
Laundry Services 2090 Donnie Fawver Michael Dunn Center
Cedar Bluff Middle School Reroof 2109 Tom Seagle Morristown Roofing Company
Packaging Machine 2112 Jay Garrison Associated Packaging, Inc.
Spring Hill HVAC 2117 Tom Seagle Four Seasons, Inc.
West View HVAC 2118 Tom Seagle Four Seasons, Inc.
CAC Plumbing Services 2113 Matt Myers ABC Weatherization, Paul Hayes Plumbing
Installation Removal of Bus Radios and Antennas 2114 Mike Reeves Metro Communications
Miscellaneous Construction Services for CAC 2145 Matt Myers ABC Weatherization
CAC Summer Milk Deliveries 2147 Jay Garrison Bordan Dairy of Kentucky
Forklift for Property Management 2148 Tom Seagle Lift Truck Sales and Service
Cedar Bluff Sidewalk Extension 2146 Karen Smitherman McKinnon Construction Company, LLC
School Transportation Services 2152 Mike Reeves Glenda Hillard, City SHuttle, RSM Contracting, RPM TRansit, Inc., American Logistics
Employee Assistance Services 2151 Mike Reeves Deer Oaks EAP Services
Birch Plywood 2154 Tom Seagle A&M SUpply, Rugby architectural Products
Cargo Van 2172 Jay Garrison Don Ledford Auto Park
Widening of Parkside Drive 2159 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Taxable Lease Purchase Agreement for Solar Project 2149 Karen Smitherman George K. Baum Company
Roofing Services 2162 Tom Seagle C.M. Henley Roofing, Dixie Roofing, Henley Roofing
Knox County School Coupon Book Tee Shirts 2164 Mike Reeves Kennesaw Promotional Products, Promotional Design, Inc.
Web Based Recreation Software 2158 Mike Reeves Rec1, Inc.
Glass and Related Supplies 2101 Tom Seagle 3T Glass
CAC FEMA Food 2173 Jay Garrison Galot, Inc.
Truck Service Bodies 2163 Karen Smitherman O. G. Hughes
Online Auction Services 2166 Tom Seagle
Fuel Management System 2171 Ben Sharbel Southern Pump and Tank
Stone and Sand 2165 Karen Smitherman Aggregates USA, Claiborne Hauling, Rogers Group, Vulcan Materials
Triaxle Trailer 2177 Ben Sharbel Jake Enterprises
Pond Gap Renovations 2170 Matt Myers K and F Construction, Inc.
Pickup Truck 2178 Ben Sharbel Reeder Chevrolet
Regular Cab Pickup Trucks 2176 Matt Myers Ford of Murfreesboro
Website Design, Development and Hosting 2175 Melissa Vanover GraphixFX
Newspaper Advertising Sevices 2179 Matt Myers Knoxville News Sentinel, The Knoxville Focus
Hot Mix FY 2016 2174 Karen Smitherman Rogers Group, Inc.
Printing Services 2181 Jay Garrison Data Supplies Inc., Martin Printing, LLC, United Printers of Knoxville
Canopies and Walkway Covers 2169 Tom Seagle Skilled Services
Records Management Services 2085 Diane Woods Smith and Hammaker
Professional Auditing Services 2182 Mike Reeves Pugh, CPA
Floor Tile Installation Services 2184 Tom Seagle Shanklin and Sons Carpet; Skilled Services; Gillenwater Flooring Center; Bonitz Flooring Group
Ancillary Services 2186 Mike Reeves Knox County Association
Community Based Student Transition Services 2187 Mike Reeves Cerebral Palsy Center
Beverage Services for Knox County Schools 2191 Mike Reeves Coca Cola Refreshments
Food Service Equipment 2183 Jay Garrison Mobile Fixture, Strategic Equipment, Inc.
Structural Stabilization Services 2168 Tom Seagle American Foundation and Basement Repairs
Employee Dental Benefit Services 2194 Matt Myers Delta Dental of Tennessee, MetLife
Employee Vision Benefit Services 2195 Matt Myers Eye Med Vision, LLC
Professional Engineering Services 2196 Matt Myers CDM Smith
Asbestos Monitoring Services 2185 Tom Seagle Professional Environmental Colsulting, S&ME
Paper and Paper Products 2198 Jay Garrison Athen's Paper, Xpedx
Travel Management Services 2200 Matt Myers World Travel Service, Inc.
Bucket Truck 2197 Tom Seagle Equipment Technology, LLC
Domestic Violence Shelter 2192 Ben Sharbel GEM Technologies, Inc.
Radio Systems Consulting Firm 2201 Jay Garrison Blue Wing Services
Employee Classification and Compensation Analysis Services 2208 Diane Woods L O Rabinowitz Consulting
Meadow Crest Subdivision Improvements 2206 Karen Smitherman Blount Excavating, Inc.
Drainage and Roadway Improvements for Asbury Road 2205 Karen Smitherman Duracap Asphalt Paving, Inc.
Waste Oil and Hydrocarbon Collection Services 2209 Karen Smitherman SPectra Environmental Group
Supplemental Nursing Staffing Services 2210 Diane Woods @Work Medical Services; Nurst First; Medical Solutions
Group Life Insurance and ADD Insurance 2204 Matt Myers Aetna
Hardin Valley Road Improvements 2211 Karen Smitherman Southern Constructors, Inc.
Beverage Services 2216 Jay Garrison Pepsico Beverage Services
Gas Cards 2213 Josh French Pilot Corporation
Collection Services 2212 Jay Garrison Capital Recovery Systems
Sport Utility Vehicle 2215 Jay Garrison Southeastern Fleet Management
School Bus Video Camera System 2222 Jay Garrison AngelTrax Bus Video, Inc.
Compact Excavator 2219 Josh French Bobcat of Knoxville
Maintenance and Repair of Solid Waste Equipment 2276 Karen Smitherman John's Mobile Repair Service