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BZA Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/26/2014  
Requested By: Debbie Tibbs, CODES ADMINISTRATION
Requires Expenditure of Funds: Funded in Current Budget:
Appropriation Required:

Request of R2R Studio, LLC for variance of the Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals for waiver of number of parking spaces required for a daycare from 9 spaces to 8 spaces (from 2 spaces per 3 employees plus 1 loading space for every 8 children to 3 spaces per 4 employees plus 5 loading spaces for 46 children) Property is located at 1406 Rudder Lane. CLT Map 133, Group LB, Parcel 9. Property is zoned RA.
(Commission District 4) **Withdrawn by applicant on January 22, 2014 **

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