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R-14-2-405   R-14-2-405    
Work Session
Meeting Date: 02/18/2014  
Requested By: Jolie Bonavita, COUNTY COMMISSION
Requires Expenditure of Funds: Funded in Current Budget:
Appropriation Required:

Consideration of a Resolution of the Commission of Knox County, Tennessee authorizing the exchange of 3.99 acres of real property located at 7330 Oak Ridge Highway, Knox County, Tennessee, and a permanent ingress and egress easement to said real property from Traci K. Smith, Rufus Haynes Smith, III, and James Thomas Smith to Knox County and 3.99 acres of real property located at 3106 Water Plant Road, Knox County, Tennessee, from Knox County to Rufus H. Smith, Jr. & Company, LLC, a Tennessee LLC, said transfer of properties and easement being contingent upon the execution of a contract by the parties regarding the transfer of the properties and easement; and approving the sale by Knox County, Tennessee, to Rufus H. Smith, Jr. & Company, LLC of the remaining 9.61 acres of real property owned by Knox County at 3106 Water Plant Road for the purchase price of $409,838.25.
(Solid Waste) 


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